Tradesmen often attend networking events to market their business, get leads and generally put their name out there. These events are either a day, a weekend or maybe even a week long affair. No matter how long these events are for they always come to an end. Once you’re home, there’s no way to keep in touch with your leads. Sure you gave them your business card, and send emails to follow up with them but you’re back to square one if they don’t respond.

Unlike networking events and other bull sessions, our online forums provide a networking opportunity 24/7. If you’re active in your chosen forum and interact with other tradesmen then thats all the networking action you may need.

Just showing up and talking to people will help you get your name out there. Folks whose thread you reply to will remember you and will be more receptive to your message when you approach them for something. Most importantly, your thread will remain there forever and any clients might try to contact you if they found your ideas or solutions helpful.

No trade business is successful without building strong relationship with clients and peers. If you don’t have a relationship with them, they won’t trust you, they won’t refer you and they certainly won’t hire you.

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