This service was created out of necessity, to help our fellow blue collar brothers and sisters, union and non union, who do the “heavy lifting” that keeps this country running.

Our goal is to keep our blue collar brothers and sisters firmly in the “middle class” and to eliminate some of the headaches that can arise through no fault of our own

Sign up by creating an account and get all of the benefits of membership. Your answers to the registration questions will be anonymous. The more accurate your answers are, the more accurate trade information will be for your trade in your area. We will all benefit from the information we collectively provide.  For all you members out there who will soon be getting your licenses, you will be able to see rates of what your new company should be charging in your area. Our intent is not to provide anyone information so they can undercut their competition's rates or prices. On the contrary, the information is to educate each other so prices stay within an acceptable range and so you can have the confidence that you are not over or undercharging and that your skill, service and professionalism will be the key to your continued success. Please answer all questions accurately and completely.

The second and possibly greatest feature of this site (WITH YOUR HELP) will be the ability to identify and protect each other from problem customers. It seems like there are a million ways out there for people to rate and review businesses and products, but as far as I know there is no way to rate or review customers. It is our duty to each other and ourselves to remove the cloak of anonymity from customers that can make our lives miserable. Any time you get a new customer, you should do a search by name, address and or company to find out if one of our brothers or sisters have had problems with them or if they are a dream to work with.

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Keep in mind when you explore the site and post a problem customer from your past, do not slander them.  Keep your responses CLEAR, CONCISE, FACTUAL & FAIR. We will also remind you of being clear, concise, factual & fair each time you post.

The site will also have resources to help with your business or career. Take advantage of them.

For now the service is FREE. Please support the businesses that are supporting us.

After registering and exploring the site, if you feel like you have some feedback please let us know.



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